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xdevilhunter ban me for no reason


hi guys this morning im was playing at l4d2 with my freinds then xdevilhunter came and ban me because the think im cheater but im not , the proplem is i dont have screenshot or demo Sadbut please unban me i didnt use any cheat about ip cahnger : i dont know any hack to change ip and it changes when i restart my router about changer steam id : i know a hack but i dont use any hack in my favourite servers because i know i will get ban about speed or aim or wallhack i dont use im at Software and hack work only in OpenGl and i can get headshots easily by using this command in console cl_minmodels 1 it make me see the zombies normally like human so i can see his head easily please make action against xdevilhunter .


You know the story.

Thread closed.

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