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How to locate your demo.



1. Drag your cursor to the counter strike 1.6 game icon.
2. Right click on it (once).
3. Click on ''properties'', which is located at the very bottom.
4. Then a window will pop up and there will be multiple tabs aviable on the top, press on ''shortcut'' specifically.
5. Then at the bottom (not the very, but higher) left corner press on ''open file location'', which will open your counter strike 1.6 map.
6. Open ''cstrike'' map and locate your demo.


1. Go to the library, drag your cursor and click on the ''counter strike'' game.
2. Right click the name of the game in the library.
3. Click on ''properties'', which is located at the very bottom.
4. There're 5 aviable sections on top, click on ''Local Files'' specifically.
5. Then press on ''browse local files'', which is on top.
6. Open ''cstrike'' map and locate your demo.


* Demos have ''.dem'' written at the end of the files name.
* Your demo name relies on the server name, let's say you're playing on usercs zombie plague, then you need to search for a demo file called ''UsErCs_Zombie_Plague_GunXP''.
* To record your demo manually, open consule and type in - record <demo name>, example: record test. You can stop recording your demo, by simply typing ''stop'' in the consule, but it's unnecessary, as it's going to stop automatically as soon as you leave the server.
* To look at your own or someone's else demo, type in consule - viewdemo <demo name>, example: viewdemo test. You could tehnically also use ''playdemo'', but it isn't recommended, as it will only play the demo (you won't be able to skip parts/make it faster or any sort).

If this still doesn't help you, go on youtube or google, whatever you prefer, and search it up.



1. Drag your located/wanted demo to the desktop, although could be dragged anywhere else, as long as you remember where you dragged it to.
2. Go to the any uploading site, where you can upload files on (recommended sites: https://www.upload.ee/ or http://www.zippyshare.com/).
3. After you upload your demo, post your link in the thread.

Good luck! It's really not that hard.

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