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Recoil of guns In Zombie Plaque


Some weapons in Zombie plaque have so bad recoil and low damage some weapons access :
First..I will start with weapons Which have bad recoil :
M4a1 laser..Ak47 laser..mp5 chicken.
Weapons which have low damage :
M3 Black ul....M4a1 Eothech..mp5 chicken..
Also M4a1 Eothech and mp5 chicken must be for vips....
Thank You For Reading


Weapons shouldnt be op as the zombies health are low anyway.


Fix recoil of weapon it's so bad


Recoil is just fine after you upgrade weapons, instead of add more damage you should reduce it for pretty much all weapons and reduce weapons knockback for atleast 30-50%.
Right now its IMPOSSIBlE to play as zombie, if you dont have vip and no ammos you are just screwed

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