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Camping Users

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I Couldn't find a thread with keypoint being reporting users to be banned.

Demo - Demo Proof 
Demo2 - Demo 2 Proof

[Umbrella Swarm]-[Mantas] transfered [big boss] on [TERRORIST]
[Umbrella Swarm]-[Mantas] transfered [Mantas] on [CT]

I don't know if this is camp, but it felt like it! Smile

EDIT: Added Another Demo of him Camping, Cleaner view of his camping and killing in action, Me talking to him in lithuanian and stuff.

[Image: m704Gsi.jpg] [Image: 76561198405321875.png]


So he always transfering him self to CT?


Mantas only transferred himself to CT once, And I didn't see it, Since i was taking notes in my txt file, So i checked console and saw it

[Image: m704Gsi.jpg] [Image: 76561198405321875.png]


Mantas is banned for his actions.
However, as for ''Uz Lietuvas'', I mean, it tehnically wasn't camping, because he was moving around constantly. I think the best solution would be to simply give zombies a spawn protection, just like in l4d2 or to limit how long you could stay at either spawn.

Thanks for your report!
Request lock.


It is not camping but, abusing Smile

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