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crashes in live 4 dead 2 server

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someone to look at and correct the gauntlet that comes from time to time crashing the game. crashes when it blinks on the picture


Are you sure that it's behind the reason why it crashes when disappearing (blinking)? Servers generally tend to crash every now and then, whether that's due to to the server itself or generally a ddos attack. However, in that case, all the servers ar shut down, instead of just one.
Although, I have never really played l4d2 server (because I can't), so I really don't know. Just compared to other servers, this doesn't seem to be issuing crashing problems.


I played on other servers, I did not find such a detection.
But I noticed that it crashes just when those two of the pictures blink (it disappears and appears).
It's bad for a second, but it's impacting.

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I made a movie to see what I'm talking about


No the Hud message doesnt crash you, its server part... server is low and maybe you have low fps aswell.


well it's not fps https://imgur.com/a/lCJQz


Some plugins cause server to freeze not to crash.

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