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Poll: Did you want me to be a moderator ?
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Mod request


hello guys.
I want to be  small mod.
i know too much things about usercs.net.
i star play here like 1.5 year ago.
I played cs 1.6 from 7 years ago.
i just want make usercs.net clear from cheaters.
so can i get a mod ?

[Image: lol.gif]



Unfortunately you cannot just request a moderator or tend to appeal to it. There's no official form/template, you mainly have to rely on owners, specifically - dexter or karolis, they decide whether you should be included in the staff team or not or if you are worthy. Not to mention, we really don't need any more staff members.

Please don't make any sort of threads like these, we have told you before that you cannot just request a rank.
Request lock.


A no from me.

1. Your english isn't good enough
2. I've seen you free banning/banning for too long
3. You have broken alot of rules.
4. No.


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