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  lost stars
Posted by: {THeKILLer} - 11 hours ago - No Replies

when forum skin changed
i go to make new account
i was have like 4 stars
can i get them back
and what the forum star do ?

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Posted by: {THeKILLer} - 11 hours ago - Replies (3)

Hello !
This post for Help about zombie plugin server for new players almost.

#When you cant move or stuck open console type kill and you will play as zombie.

#bind buy armor with only 1 key so fast and easy
put in console 

alias zp_armor "chooseteam; menuselect 2; ...; menuselect 9_armor; menuselect 2"bind "c" "zp_armor"

Then put   bind c "zp_armor"

Now you can buy armor with "C" Key.

#bind open zpmenu  if key "M" don't work use that .

put in consle

bind "m" "say /zpmenu"

#all binds for (Laser mine)(lm)  

plane lm 

bind "p" "+setlaser"

lm in air = slay+kick+maybe ban Smile

remove lm

bind "o" "+dellaser"

buy lm 

bind "i" "say /lm"
# if you vip 

bind "h" "say /vipmenu"

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  NEW Maps !
Posted by: {THeKILLer} - 11 hours ago - Replies (2)

@DeXTeR i know @Karolis is busy
I want you take a look in this maps
I Hope you like it
Add it in Zombie Plugin server





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Heart {THeKILLer}
Posted by: {THeKILLer} - Yesterday, 09:24 PM - Replies (2)

Name : {THeKILLer}
Age : 17
I Joined UserCs about more than 1 year. UserCs in the past was not like now i mean now there are new players;maps;guns 
there was some old admins they gone like  phoniex , Dovydas , marken ,  idk why gone!
I star play cs 1.6 from 5 years ago.
computer is my life I spend most my time playing cs 1.6.
I am very old player I Know most UserCs.net History.
I played in zombie plugin server it is best server in UserCs .

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Posted by: xxXxx - Yesterday, 06:33 AM - Replies (2)

so am playin the game and dis guy:SCORPION" 487 STEAM_0:0:223049721
and hi is in my tem and when we are zombe he bolcks me to not kill the other player a mean if you don wont kill them dont block me and get me killd so a ask him why du you side with zombe and he replays becose a whato so clere he is a ass and in ruls said no siding with zombe

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  Was VIP and bought Admin
Posted by: qTe - 10-22-2017, 07:10 PM - Replies (1)

Here are the screenshots

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  I buy and i didn't get
Posted by: Fearle5S - 10-22-2017, 05:40 PM - Replies (1)

1.How did u payed(Paypal or sms): SMS
2.Where are you from:Lithuania
3.When did u ordered:
4.If u payed with paypal write ur paypal gmail:
5.Your ip adress(to find it go HERE):
6.Why do u think u lost or didnt recieve?:

If u lost or didnt recieve(you ordered with sms) write to me private. 1. Telephone number 2.If u bougt on name write username and password.
1. 869976629
2.Name: OwnD

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Posted by: SCORPION - 10-22-2017, 04:09 PM - Replies (1)

Little time ago my prestige was 8 but when i started this server after a long time my prestige became 0. My username in the server is SCORPION. Please take some actions......

Attached Files
.zip   _10-22-09.28.43.zip (Size: 527.63 KB / Downloads: 4)
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  See ya later! Will Miss You ALLLLLLLL!
Posted by: Karolis - 10-22-2017, 12:38 PM - Replies (2)

So i think it's become the dead end for me. Reasons why im quiting counter strike it's because of studies.I went to university and started to take it serious as i really want to finish it good and learn a lot. In university i choosed a "Program System" specilization. Im working with autocad and c# and hard math... :Big GrinD. So thats the reason. I want to thank to all who been with me and knowed me. I love you so much SmileSmileSmileSmile
The first person is DeXtEr.
Dexter, thank you for everything what u did for this great project. We were the best because of you. U did lots of effor of this project as u was wanted to make like the old usercs. Thank you for starting this project with me because of you i learned more about programming, database, websites. You were like my teacher but i teached it my self a bit Tongue. So thank you man. You were the best friend from abroad. Even we fighted we still chilled down and we were good friend. I gonna still have you on steam if i would want to start something in future when i will finish my studies Smile

Bad Boy,thank you for taking so much look into project. Thank you for banning cheaters and keeping the rules in our server. Also thank you for ur usefull information for everything..

Search, thank you to, u becomed our part of community recently and u must see this shit happen :Sad but dont be sad or be happy because every people is different :Smile Also thanks for all bugs reports and help to me as well thanks Smile 

Others,poseidon,infamous and etc... :Big GrinD Big Grin
Thanks for being to this community and helping or bit destroying it :Tongue I'm still not mad because everyone do mistakes.

What's my future about counter strike 1.6?

I still gonna develop one gamemode that i promised for you all it's All Star Mode. I finished it 40%. When i gonna it release i dont know. But if i release it i will announce on somewhere. TongueTongueTongueTongue. Also i still gonna work on pawn scripting and etc... But for project i dont have time to check for it.

                                                                                   Thank you for all what you did to this community!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S If u have any questions write to skype or steam :Tongue 

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  Bind to buy armor.
Posted by: Frost - 10-22-2017, 09:34 AM - Replies (2)

I've seen many or some people being spectical on how can you bind to automatically buy armor or any other item in your needs. It's quite simple.

First step:
open your console, specifically by pressing ''~'', post this command or whatever you want to call it as:

alias zp_armor "chooseteam; menuselect 2; ...; menuselect 9_armor; menuselect 2"bind "v" "zp_armor"
Now... the third menuselect is based on the line where armor is located. On this server it is located as a second item on the second page. Servers usually have different displays, so don't get fooled, check where the armor is located and then change the numbers if needed. You don't need to bind it to ''V'' letter specifically, that's just an example, you can bind to any letter you want it.

Second step:
bind it to your specific key. 

bind v "zp_armor"
Then go ingame and it should work. You should be able to purchase armor by just pressing a key, instead of surfing through the menu and locating the armor.
Now, of course, you can find the tutorial quite easily. Just search in google and multiple will pop up.

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